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Andžs Flaksis takes on the MTB marathons

The tall Latvian TT specialist Andžs Flaksis will be racing mostly MTB marathons in 2020, with the goal to perform in the UCI MTB Marathon World Championships held in Turkey.

" The Hincapie team had budget cut and now the guys, who can bring sponsors to the team or the young guys, who ride without salary, will continue in there. So, I decided not to stay. I am currently looking for opportunities to continue riding my bike on daily basis, because thats what makes me happy", confessed the 28 year old cyclist, who has been riding for 7 years in the American continental and pro continental teams.

We asked the former U23 European road race championships silver medalist to describe the life and racing in America: "Definitely it isn't like people think - just racing on 4 lane highways with no turns... Actualy it isn't that much different from the European racing, bunch of guys are still trying to be first at the finish. Like in the European calendar, there are different kind of races. There are easy days with sprints in the end, there are crazy hard days with crosswinds in the rain and there are mountains too. Only criterium racing stands out compared to European races. Those crits in US are so fun. Start time in the dark, around 20:00 in the city downtown, crowds of people cheering on and you race surrounded by drinking and smoking enthusiastic spectators on a 1km long circuit with 4 turns for 1h15-1h30. These races are so hard, full gas all the time, fighting non stop, noise from crowd, that's adrenaline. Its something special. My life was interesting there, in most of the cases I lived at the friend's of the team's director, but during races and camps i stayed with the team in a hotel or in the rental apartments. I didn't have my own place there, so I just traveled around a lot."

Andžs told us, that he wants to go to races he has never been to: "There is a lot to discover in Europe, so I want to go to new places and races and explore my other qualities. I'm still working on finding a way to do some road races too."

He has agreed to race MTB marathons for the DTG-Mysport team from Latvia. Andžs has been succesful on the mountainbike before, he has won many MTB marathons and is still holding the fastest time of the Tartu Rattamaraton, he set in 2014.

It will be only pleasure to know that Andžs will continue exploring new places and new races- those, who haven't visited his social media accounts in Instagram or Facebook yet, should do it. He is a gifted photographer and the re are many nice photos to be seen on his accounts. He promissed us, that he will try to take his hobby more seriously in the future. Follow @flaksis_a !

Photo: Andžs Flaksis- Instagram


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