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Antti Jussi Juntunen 10th of the Dookola Mazowsza, Ärm 5th on the last stage

Tartu2024/ riders were among the starters of the first UCI race (Dookola Mazowcza UCI 2.2) after the Covid19. The Polish 4 day race started with a 160km road race and the Finnish rider Antti Jussi Juntunen made into a break of 2 riders at the beginning of the stage. They had even 14 minutes advantage at some point, but finally the group accelerated and it looked like they will be cought. On the way Antti won 2 intermediate sprints and he was going to take also the third one, but suddenly the race was stopped 30km from the finish, Antti still had a gap of 3min. All the results from the stage were canceled exept the bonification seconds. Antti missed the opportunity to win the last sprint with its bonifications up to the end as they would have changed the GC a lot.

Basicly the tour started from zero the day later with a very short, 2.2km long time trial and powerful German track pursuit team showd their skill on that excercise.

Finally Tartu2024/ boys got things rolling again for the last stage and Rait Ärm finished the stage on 5th position and Antti was finally 10th in the GC. The day before was hard for the boys as they missed a breakaway and had to chase it for most of the stage, luckily they managed to bring it back, but another counter attack with 3 riders went and suprisingly nobody chased that one and the top 3 in the GC was done.

Results here.

Here the video with interviews from the last stage.

Here are most of the photos from the tour:

Photo: Mazovia Team


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