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Coronavirus- Baltic continental team coming home, races canceled

Tartu2024/ had to stop their European racing- and training program as most of the races in their upcoming week's calendar have been canceled. The team stayed in Croatia since mid-February and participated in 2 one day races on the 4th and the 8th of March showing good form. A four day UCI 2.2 catecory tour called Istran Trophy, in the same area, was canceled yesterday afternoon as a precaution by the local government.

"As the next race in our calender, Tour de Normandie in France is canceled too, i'm sure that the other races supposed to be organised later in April on the French and Belgian soil, won't be organized eather and there is no point to travel around with the team, as it was planned," explained team's manager Rene Mandri.

"We will do some more good trainings here over the weekend and come then home, as the hotel is payed and guys have flight tickets for Monday," continued team's coach Toms Flaksis. "We had all our trips planned and logistics was put in place, but we won't follow our plan as the health of the people and stopping Coronavirus is the priority to everybody at the moment. We loose some important part of our budget beacause of it, but there is nothing to do and we just have to accept this situation," told Mandri. "The situation is the same for everybody and it is easier to get over the crazy times if everybody react responsably straight away," he finished his thought.

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