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Estonian Olympic Committee's Secretay General: Estonian Cyclist's Union is in a good shape

Estonian Olympic Committee's Secretary General Siim Sukles was today our guest in the Estonian podcast Jalgrattapalavik (we really hope that in some time (2021) we will have also some content in English).

This time the podcast wasn't only about cycling, as Ivar Jurtsenko asked Siim many guestions about sports in general and few only about cycling. Siim had to explain how the funding is sports works and how the sports system works.

Siim Sukles mentioned that one of the main problems inside the sports federations is that the available money is used directly on sports- going to competitions and so on, and federations don't invest as much as needed to their proper development, it has to be done for organizing better their sports.

"Estonian Cyclists Union is well organized with an active president, who really takes care of the sports," confirmed Siim. " Cyclists Union is one of the 14 sports federations in Estonia, who gets the share from the 75% of the available money in Estonian Olympic Commitee."

Siim also mentioned that it is very important to keep the sports atractive to the spectators and that's why cyclo-cross might be included in to the program of the winter Olympics. "International Olympic Commitee is also thinking how to keep the program of Olympics interesting, besides it is lot easier to make a cyclo-cross park in to the nature compared to building some big sporting arenas from concrete," confirmed Sukles.

Podcast: Jalgrattapalavik

Photo: Scanpix


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