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First race in Baltics, Karpenko won !

Updated: May 28

Baltic countries have opened their borders to each other and Tartu2024/ did their first real race after the lockdown. A 24km long TT event in Tartu was organized and Gleb Karpenko had the fastest time of the day. Antti-Jussi Juntunen and Artjom Mirzojev came in second and third.

All Tartu2024/ riders have raced Super Gregario ( events for a while now and they were ready to suffer against the clock.

Some of the team members didn't attend to the TT race and they did the same effort at home. They uploaded their power data to Super Gregario to compare it with those racing in the real race. It looked like Markus Pajur would have won the real race as his power numbers riding back home were better than the ones of those racing the 24km TT. Will see next time, at the moment the guys go head to head in a real race situation, who is faster.

"We have simulated the racing season with racing Super Gregario during the training rides. Young boys need races to develop and this kind of excercises keep their heads clear and the motivation higher," explained Tartu2024/ manager Rene Mandri. "Now the meetings and races up to 100 people are allowed and we will have some real road races organized soon too," continued the cycling coach from Tartu.

Photo cfredit: A.Illingworth/ Transtar Temposari


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