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Fourth week: teams in difficulties, riders facing reduced salaries

Updated: May 21

Fourth week of coronavirus lockdown has brought us some clarity. We now understantd better how the pandemic developes and can start setting some dates, when the lockdown won't be general anymore in Baltics, but we still don't have any idea about the first race held after the complete lockdown.

Probably some things will be better by June, we can't predict about the rest of the Europe.

We do know also now by certainty that this general stand by affects also heavily the business of cycling and many riders have already had to deal with their salaries cut, in some cases the lost numbers are big. We even talk about CCC wanting to step down from the name sponsor spot of the World Tour Team, which has one of the best classic riders, Greg Van Avermaet, in their line up.

Bahrain McLarenCCC TeamMitchelton-ScottAstana and Lotto Soudal are among the WorldTour teams that have announced reduction measures thus far, and we don't know everything, probably there are some more talks going on and decisions taken. There are many staff members of the different teams on the market without a job now too.

"One thing we can see with the help of the crisis now even more, the strongest in cycling are the race organizers and UCI isn't governing cycling as pro sports in the way teams and riders would like. The governing body can't really help anybody and is financially a week institution, as are most of the national federations.

The biggest loosers are the teams, their stuff and the sportsmen again and coronavirus will affect the teams businesses and riders market for a long time now. Maybe even the business model in cycling will change, never know? continental team will have hard times too as their main sponsor Lõunakeskus has been shut for some weeks now and shops in their rooms can't afford to pay the rent anymore. The team was already informed by the supermarket about stopping their sponsorship."

Rene Mandri

Klubi Cycling Tartu

Photo: Scanpix


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