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Gediminas Bagdonas is back where he started from to say Thank You!

Gediminas Bagdonas has a long cycling career behind him. He started his career in Klaipeda and entered the professional scene with them in 2007. Klaipeda-Splendid Cycling Team was registered at that year and Gediminas was the only man of that Lithuanian-Belgian cycling project to win a pro race excluding Lithuanian Championships, where Ramunas Navardauskas, also part of that newly born continental team, won the national title in the road race. Gediminas explained us, that most of the Lithuania's best cyclist come from Klaipeda. At the end of a succesful year with the An-Post Jean Kelly continental team in 2012 , Gediminas signed a contract with the World Tour team Ag2r-LaMondiale. He was an excellent domestique in the classics and for the GC riders during the tours. Now, seven years later, he was told by the directors of the World Tour team, that they will change a little bit the strategy and that there will be instead of 30 riders 29 riders in the line up. Besides the brother of Oliver Naesen (classic's leader of the team) will join them. "I hired a manager and tried to find a new team with his help, but i had only offers from Belgian continental level. It wasn't an option for me anymore. I have a 2 years old boy, family needs me back home too and i can't afford the crazy lifestyle, what will be a certainty riding for a continental level team, anymore," explained the double Lithuanian road race Champion. "Instead, i will enjoy coaching the young guys in the Klaipeda Cycling Team. Last year, I finished the studies in the university too and i have lot of experience from my pro years, i try to help Lithuanian cycling and Klaipeda Cycling Team in that way. I will do also my last year as a cyclist riding for them, i started there and i will finish there, it's kind of a way saying Thanks to them," continues Gediminas. He told us, that he will try to become a full time coach in the future, "We will see how the things will go with the Klaipeda Cycling Team boys at first, but why not to work as a full time cycling coach in the future, i do have some aknowledge to give to the others. At the moment i'm preparing the plans for the first trainingcamps in Valencia. " You will see the powerful Lithuanian racing in his new colours already in the Baltic Track Championships on the 8th-9th February.

Photo: Baltic Chain Tour, Gediminas Bagdonas won the GC of the 2012 edition.


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