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Video: Pre-Season chat with Mihkel Räim

We sat down for a moment with the Estonian viking from Saaremaa, Mihkel Räim (Israel Start Up Nation) in the Spanish cycling town, Girona and asked straight away about "Potato Power." We see a lot how Baltic riders share #PotatoPower on their social media accounts. Mihkel wasn't sure, who invented it, but told that Toms Skujins (Trek-Segafredo) is the guy, who started using it the most at the begińning." There is a rumour, that the people in the Baltics and in Finland eat only potatoes. It's a good joke for us. Now, there has been lot of scientific proof, that potatoes are actually good for cyclist's, maybe thats where our power comes from," joked Mihkel and explained that he is not eating only potatoes, there is pasta and rice too in his menu. Check more about his racingcalendar and thoughts before the season from the video!


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