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Season finished for Tartu2024/BCC holding on to 17th place in the UCI Europe Tour's ranking

Tartu2024/BCC has ended it's international racing calendar for 2020 as there aren't many races left anymore in the UCI calendar for continental teams. "There are some races left in 2nd category, but we don't have the budget to go there, as corona crisis and testing took a lot of money from us. Anyway, there are only 3-4 races left in the calendar and the season was long for our riders. During the Covid19 period we simulated the season with local racing and very hard "race a like" trainings," explained team's manager Rene Mandri.

The season was a huge success for Tartu2024/ despite Covid 19 stopping the UCI calendar from end of March until mid-July. "We started the season with boys mostly 18-20 years old and we are holding on to the 17th place in the UCI Europe Tour's team ranking (91 teams) at the moment. Markus Pajur finished 4th of the European U23 RR championships and he was 2nd in the only U23 nations cup event, Orlen GP's road race. He and Rait (3rd in Orlens GP RR) signed pro contracts with French teams, it's a success for us," confirmed Mandri.

The team had also Antti-Jussi Juntunen and Ukko Peltonen making 1st and 2nd in the Finish National Championships and Pauls Rubenis took many top 10 places and Silver in the Latvian Road Race Championships.

Tartu2024/ manager Rene Mandri confirmed that they will continue as the development team for Baltic and Finnish U23 riders: "For 2021 it is very hard to get the budget together, so we have still to wait and see, if we can continue as a UCI team or will have to go on for the next year as a club team like in 2019 and 2018."


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