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Second week: Things get worse before they get better

Updated: Apr 5

As there was a lot of unknown about the upcoming months last week, we can be now sure that "Things get worse before they get better" - it's a Murphy Law. Coronavirus is everywhere and it takes time to take the situation under control.

As the organisation of the Tour de France is in doubt, the organisation of all other cycling races is in doubt too. The organizer of the Tour de France, ASO still hopes that they can proceed with the biggest and most important cycling event in the world. Some people, like the French Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu, have proposed to organise "The Tour" behind the curtins, it means broadcasting the event only on TV and not having spectateurs on the course. This method would be agreed by many teams, but the local towns aren't interested of such an event, no crowds, no money for the region. ASO confirmed that they will take a decision by 15th of May.

One thing is for sure, if Tour de France won't be organised in July, any other UCI races won't be organised too before mid-summer. As the French amateur scene has seen already races canceled from the second half of the year, we can only predict that in worst case scenario there won't be any racing at all in Europe this year. There is a lot of hope, many organisers have postboned their spring events and they are confident that they will have their race's organised at the end of the summer, but the reality might be different.

So, at the moment we can just sit at home and hope that all of this goes past in few months time. Luckily there is a new cycling documentary to watch and make the time fly past: "The Least Expected Day, Inside the Movistar Team 2019." Pro cycling's Movistar Team sets their sights on victory while on the road as they face challenges , controversy and internal conflict. At least there is something to watch if it gets too bored. The documentary is available in Netflix.

Photo: Scanpix/Reuters


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