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Taaramäe: 37 000km per year was too much for me

Rein Taaramäe starts his 13th season as a pro cyclist. The Estonian climber is starting his 4th year for the same outfit, Team Total Direct Energy. He explained in the Estonian cycling podcast "Jalgrattapalavik" the highs and the lows of his career. It came out that the hardest years he has had up here were during the period he rode for the World Tour team Katusha. After signing to Katusha at the end of the succesful Astana year in the 2015, he got a new coach and the amount of training he asked Rein to do was stupendous. " I had to do already in November trainingblocks like 5h, 5h, 6h, recovery day and repeating it. In December i did even harder trainingblocks and by February i was completely exhausted. I was saved by my heel tendon which started to make pain and it took a while to recover from that, luckily. I had better feelings again 2 months later during the Giro d'Italia (he won the last mountain stage), but even with a long recovery period before it, i had 37 000km on my counter by the end of the year. The next year, 2017 turned out to be very hard, i didn't recover from those training loads i had the first winter in the Katusha," explained Taaramäe. He also confessed, that he was already a ready product coming out from the youth categories:" At the age of 13 i had my first 10 000km long season and i did each year futher 2000km more. At the age of 18, the last year in juniors category, i had already 21 000km on my counter at the end of the season." Rein told, that he wants to ride up to the age of 40 and for achieving it, he has to train in a smart way, so the body lasts and the power remains. "My trainingload is about 30 000km per year at the moment," he explained.

Photo: Adam Illingworth /EJL


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