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Tartu2024 / will start racing next week in Croatia

Updated: Feb 27

The Baltic continental team Tartu2024/ has been already 10 days in Pula, Croatia to prepare for the upcoming season. " We chose Croatia for training camp, because of the nice quiet roads and it is the nearest spot to the Baltics with the mediterrannean mild weather. Besides we could drive there in 2 day's time with our technical car and the mechanic's van. It's important to have all the equipment in the first training camp for testing it," explained the team's manager Rene Mandri.

"All guys are in a good shape and we can see some real progress amongst the youngsters. Racing and training on the Panevežys Cido Arena track in the second half of January and at the beginning of February has given the guys the needed speed and we have continued here to accumulate the quality kilometers on the road," continued the head coach Toms Flaksis. "All guys are healthy and the winter preparation has been really good, so we expect the older riders to do well already in the first one day races here in Croatia."

Tartu2024/ will start racing next Wendsday on the 4th of March, in the UCI 1.2 race 8th Umag Trophy. It will be a 154km long road race on a 22km long circuit with a gentle 4km climb (harder sections 6%) in it.

The line up for this race will be: Rait Ärm (EST), Henri Treimuth (EST), Antti Jussi Juntunen (FIN), Ukko Peltonen (FIN), Kristers Ansons (LAT) & Daniels Kazis (LAT).

On the 8th of March Tartu2024/ riders will take part in another UCI 1.2 race, 150km long 18th Poreč Trophy. This race will have also some climbing in it with a slight uphill finish in the town of Tar. The line up for this race will be: Markus Pajur (EST), Rait Ärm (EST), Antti Jussi Juntunen (FIN), Ukko Peltonen (FIN), Kristers Ansons (LAT) and Daniels Kazis (LAT).

The Baltic continental team will take part also from the 4 day UCI 2.2 tour Istarsko Proljeće - Istrian Spring Trophy (12-15 March). At this race mostly the younger riders of the team get their chance as other riders of the team are saving their legs for the end of the month to race the Tour de Normandie (UCI 2.2) in France. Same time younger guys will have to go to the school.

Baltic Chain Cycling team's riders have made their trainings public and you can follow Artjom Mirzojev's trainings Live with all the powerdata and gps tracking via this link.

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