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Tartu2024/ revealed their new program

Updated: Jul 18

Tartu2024/ revealed today their program for the upcoming months. The Baltic team has been racing since 8th of May already, it is one of the few continental teams in the world racing that early a post Covid-19 calendar.

The continental level team's coaches developed a racing series called Super Gregario ( with the aim to keep their riders fit and motivated. The riders could compete against each other on the opened roads from the distance.

On the 20th of May, the first TT in Estonia was organized and Tartu2024/ riders occupied the podium.

From this weekend on, there will be plenty of races for testing the legs in the Estonian calendar. Same time the Estonian national junior and U23 teams with Tartu2024/ riders have been invited to a training camp in the Estonia's Olympic Sports Center in Kääriku.

"We use this camp for simulating high level racing and use the local criteriums, TT's, MTB marathons and road races for doing it. Boys won't not only do the local calendar races, but accumulate also extra kilometers before and after the short races," explained Estonian U23 national team's coach and Tartu2024/'s manager Rene Mandri.

"Boys in U19 and U23 category need racing for progressing. Besides, mentally it is easier to continue the training routine if you can accumulate the kilometers in a group," added Estonian national team's head coach Jaan Kirsipuu.

"We are not sure yet if the races in the new UCI calendar will take place, there is no insurance that the races will really happen. So, it is important that we have races in Baltics already and boys get the needed racing kilometers. One thing is for sure, the Baltic Chain Tour will happen and it will be one of the main targets for Tartu2024/ at the moment," finished Mandri.

Check the new program of the UCI continental team here.

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