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Tartu2024 training in Salou

Updated: Jan 3

The riders of the new Baltic continental team are having their first training camp of the year. All 11 riders from Estonia, Latvia and Finland are present with their coach Toms Flaksis under the Spanish sun on the Costa Brava. "It's a good way to take the maximum out of the school holidays," told Toms Flaksis - the Latvian cycling coach is working in close cooperation with Rene Mandri to make sure that all the boys get the best out of themselves and develop into solid elite cyclist's. "We have had good weather without snow and cold temperatures in the Baltic's. It means that the guys are already well prepared for the upcoming year, but they needed to get some long rides with some climbing into their legs and the best way to do so at this time of the year is at a Spanish training camp," continued team manager Rene Mandri. Tartu2024/ will have its official team presentation on the first weekend of February and exact details about the next training camps, racing calendar and other details about the team will be given at that event.

Photo: BCC


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