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The month of June was a TT month & Mirzojev the king of Estonian TT's

Updated: Jul 18

The month of une was a typical Covid-19 time month for cyclists. There were more TT's in the program than normally during the whole year for Tartu2024/ riders.

If we take into account also the TT from 30.05.2020, then guys had to race on a TT bike 6 times. During this period they had also 3 criteriums, 4 road races (70-100km long), 2 virtual mtb marathons and 2 mtb xco races. Thats lot of racing, but on short distances.

Out of the 6 times, Artjom Mirzojev won 3 timetrials in front of his teammates. He ended up 1 time on the 2nd, one time on the third and once on the 5th spot. The competition was there, as Juntunen, Ärm, Karpenko and Pajur showed very fast times too and we can say that the level of the TT has grown with the corona period.

Photo: A.Illingworth (Transtar temposari)


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