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Third week: Van Avermaet won the virtual Tour of Flanders

Updated: Apr 12

That's crazy, we just had to watch some of the best riders in the world to go against each other virtualy on their hometrainers. After seeing it, we can be sure that the virtual racing will never take over real racing, it isn't the same action, but it was still interesting to see, how the guys had to go all out. The hard effort was seen on their faces.

Let's hope it was the last Tour of Flanders raced virtualy!

Chapeau to Van Avarmaet, who showd his class pushing incredible power numbers over the 32km long course. At the last end we saw most of the time more than 500w on the screen, wow. The AVG was 434w on the screen, probably it wasn't real.

Probably this wasn't the last competition of the year raced virtualy, as coronavirus is still looking to peak.


Photo: Screenshot GCN Racing Live


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