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Video: Pre-season chat with Joonas Henttala (Team Novo Nordisk)

We met Joonas in the town of Girona, Spain for asking him about his goals for the starting cycling season. We talked also about the life together with a woman pro rider (Lotta) and asked him to explain how diabetes affects his life as a pro rider.

Joonas told us that he has two bigger goals. At the beginning of the season he wants to perform in the Tour of Rwanda. He did that race also in 2019 and he really liked this unpredictable way of racing.

"We will start the season in the Tour of Colombia. It's in the altitude and it will be a nice preparation race for the Tour of Rwanda," explained Joonas, who said that Rwanda is on altitude too.

Secondly he would like to win the Finnish road race championships :"It would be really nice to wear this jersey". It would be a nice combination with the colours of his team's, Team Novo Nordisk.

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Photo: Adam Illingworth / Baltic Chain Cycling

Video: Baltic Chain Cycling youtube channel


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